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ラベル GAME の投稿を表示しています。 すべての投稿を表示
ラベル GAME の投稿を表示しています。 すべての投稿を表示
{amiable}2019 Autumn Collection@Collabor88 Oct.

・100%Original Mesh Contents by {amiable}.
・No custom work and hand made(painting) texture.
・During the event, these are special prices!!
・The dress can be worn Top+Skirt or Top only.
・Compatible with Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass Physique, Belleza Venus Isis Freya, and e-BODY Curvy, Classic.

(Event Date: 8th Oct to 7th Nov.)


{amiable}main store
{amiable}WIde Pants Set-up with Suspenders@ N°21 February (50%OFF SALE).

・These  are new item at the N21.
・There are sweater and suspenders texture change HUD included.
・During the event, all new items are always 50%OFF SALE!!


(Event Date: 21st February to 10th March.)

{amiable}Oversized Chester Coat@Collabor88 February(Special Price).

・These  are new item at the Collabor88 Feb.
・Of course during the event, these are "Special Price".
・It has "Sweater Texture Change HUD included.
・You can use top, and Coat separately.
・Compatible with Slink, Maitreya, TMP, Belleza, and Classic.

(Event Date: 8th December to 6th January)


{amiable}"SATURDAY SALE"Roll-up Loose Denim Pants@the main store.

This is new item @the main store.

After the event, the price will be normal as 250L$.
Please don't miss it!


{amiable}SL F&O 1st Annual Hunt @the main store.

・First annual SL F&O hunt, from November 3rd to November 25th.
That's a worldwide hunt with 150 stores in.

・Please find a "Leaf of maple" at the each store.

(EVENT DATE:November 3rd to November 25th.)

・Participating shop list and Hints.

{amiable}"SATADAY SALE" {amiable}Oversized Knit Sweater@the main store.

I decided to join the SATURDAY SALE.

This is new item @the main store.
You can get only 75L$. Please don't miss it!

After the event, the price will be normal as 250L$.

{amiable}Bow Tiered Maxi Skirt Set-up Dress@ N°21 21th Oct(50%OFF SALE).

・The N°21 new round was opened.
・These are new item at the  N°21.
・Of course, during the event, all new items are always 50%OFF SALE!!

(Event Date: 21st October to 10th November.)


{amiable}Summer Loving - Hunt2018 Prize@the main store.

・This is the {amiable}Summer Loving - Hunt2018 Prize.
・There are Hat and Bag included. Please find the prize!!
・There is also new group gift free to join the group.

{amiable}St Patrick's Day HUNT 2018 FREE Prize@ main store.

・Now, the St Patrick's Day HUNT2018 was opened. I am participating in this HUNT.

・Please find the Gold pot in the main store.
・There is the HINT and ALL SHOPS LIST.

{amiable}Over-sized Knit Cardigan Gacha
{amiable}Over-sized Knit Cardigan Gacha
Hi, sweet angels!! Thank you so much for visiting {amiable} blog.
I appreciate it!!

As you can see, not only RARE but also others are unique design and
 cute color. I hope you enjoy the commons as well.

There are 22 Commons and 4 RARES. Please don't play too much!!
There is also DEMO. Please try on DEMO before buying.

[Event DATE: 1.18 to 1.31.2016]

* Wayward Winter *

After the event, it will be sold at {amiable}main store.
Please check it up!!

Wayward event is always give us amazing trip in SL. This round is winter.
You can enjoy the final winter land in SL. There is really beautiful SIM.

I hope you can enjoy my new item and SIM as well.


✿Participating List:

{amiable}  7mad;Ravens  AiShA    Amitié Poses  Apple May Designs
 AMD  ASO! & Soothe.  Astralia  atoll  Ayashi
Black Tulip  Body Factory  Brixley  Cae  Cloud  

Clutter for Builders/Clutter Exclusives
  Concept  cubic cherry kre-ations  DAMI  Day Dreamer

Doe   elikatira  Essenz  Fallen Gods Inc. & Faida  free bird
Glamrus  Goose  Label Motion  LE FORME  Le Poppycock  Luas
Luxuria  Mayfly  melonbunny  MINA Hair  Moon Elixir  mpc.  Mithral Apothecary

random Matter  RC CLUSTER  Roawenwood  Salt & Pepper  Sari-Sari

Second Spaces  Serenity Style  Silvery K  Spellbound  Sway’s
Tool Shed  Zenith

* Wayward Winter *
* Wayward Winter *

Hi, everyone. Thank you so much for visiting my shop blog.

Today, finally the MIZU event was opened!!!! I am really excited about that.
It is because this event is really amazing and high quality event.

What is the MIZU event?? 

This is not only the shopping event, there are two place, one of them is shopping area, but the other side is amusement attraction area.

Mizu is Japanese that means Water. This amusement attraction is involved in the ''Water''.That's why we call it ''MIZU''.

The shopping area has exclusive items at the each booth. Please don't miss it!!

So, I have sold new items at the MIZU.

This is ''{amiable} Summer Japanese Yukata''.
There are two different types Belt (We call OBI).

However, it doesn't include the Japanese traditional sandals(We call GETA).
There is also exclusive Yukata.

These two Yukata has been sold at only the MIZU.
Please don't miss it!! After the event, it will never be sold.

These items are reduced by 50%OFF at the MIZU. ✿(Event date: 6.6 ~ 7.7.2015)

Next, I am going to explain how to play the attraction.

First, you should get the HUD near the entrance. There are Japanese Ver HUD and English Ver as well.
So, you just wear it and then, the HUD ask the permission. You must click ''YES".

After that, You go in the theater. It is the time to start!!!!
You can enjoy the MIZU amazing story with HUD.

I tried it myself, but I couldn't complete it. It' really hard for me to finish.
There are different endings, it is up to you. Please try it and enjoy the amazing Japanese story.

Of course, you guys can enjoy with your partner or friends at the same time.
If you need more info, please visit the HP here→

You can get more detail about the attraction and story. I hope you like it<3
Enjoy your wonderful time in MIZU!!!!