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ラベル 2018 の投稿を表示しています。 すべての投稿を表示
ラベル 2018 の投稿を表示しています。 すべての投稿を表示
{amiable}"SATURDAY SALE"Knit Cardigan &"BLACK FRIDAY SALE"@the main store.

This is new item @the main store.

After the event, the price will be normal as 250L$.

Now, {amiable} main store is having a "BLACK FRIDAY SALE".

You can also get any item (besides Gacha) from {amiable} with 50%OFF discount.


{amiable} New Hairs @ HAIR FAIR 2018.

These are {amiable} new hairs @ the Hair Fair2018.

・Three new hairs at the "HAIR FAIR2018".
・My booth is located in "Hair Fair 2018 - Blonde Sim".
・Not every hairs but most of my hairs are contained Fitted mesh and also Non-rigged Mesh.
・100% Original Non Rigged Mesh Object.
・Fullpack is Discount!
・Free Gift available.

[EVENT DATE: 9.22 - 10.7(SLT)]

▶What is "HAIR FAIR"?

If you purchase the hairs from event, you can also donate to kid in RL.
Donation amounts vary throughout the event, but all items do donate a minimum of 15% to Wigs for Kids.
There are also Kiosks for direct donations, and Bandana Booths that donate 100% of all purchases.

Hair Fair 2018 Blonde Sim

{amiable}Japanese Yukata2018@the main store(50%OFF SALE).



・Now, I have put a new "Japanese Summer Yukata"@ the main store.

It is having a 50%OFF SALE until 7.15.2018.

・There is only 1 size and Fitted Mesh, so please try on DEMO before buying.