{amiable}Mohair Knit & See-through Lace Maxi Skirt Dress@-The Project Se7en-(50%OFF SALE).


{amiable}Mohair Knit & See-through Lace Maxi Skirt Dress
{amiable}Mohair Knit & See-through Lace Maxi Skirt Dress

✿This is the {amiable} new item at the -The Project Se7en-.
The dress and Skirt can be used separately!! 

✿There is DEMO. Please try on DEMO before buying<3 p="">
✿(Fitted Mesh and Standard size).

During the event, they are reduced by 50%OFF SALE!! Please don't miss it!!

(Event Date; 30th September to 30th October.)

-The Project Se7en- September Round.
Zenith  PEWPEW!  *Cherry House*  Lybra
an lar poses  miwa's airship  [Mello]  titzuki
Serenity Style  ELYSIUM  GABRIEL  [^.^Ayashi^.^]

Shop List:
***Ambrosia***  {amiable}  ANGELICA  .::AnVeay::.
A*S  ::Axix::  BAMSE  Bauhaus Movement
BOYS TO THE BONE  ::C'est la vie !::

DUE  //elephante poses//  Enfer Sombre*
ERDE  Evermore  Frangipani Garden  Garbaggio
HEAVY  ILLI  La Baguette

Le Coq D'or   .::LE FORME::.  Les sucreries de Fairy
Love  {-Maru Kado-}  mignon.  [MIKO]  Ninety
Nomore  NuDoLu

Promagic   remy&rowe  Semller  {S0NG}
Speakeasy  ::Una::

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