{amiable}Summer Japanese Yukata2016@the Chapter Four(50%OFF SALE).

By | 6/09/2016

These are {amiable}Summer Japanese Yukata2016!!
Of course, they are 50%OFF SALE.

{EVENT DATE: 4th to 20th of JUN}.


The Chapter Four is a monthly shopping event. Open every 4th day of the month for 2 weeks long.

 We provide four rooms with four different sale theme/system and various stores such as Gacha, 
Under 100ls, Half Price, and Buy 1 for 2. What are you willing for?

There is more info.


The style of Yukata is actually, very similar to Yukata2015.
However, I remodeled everything from scratch.

There are Standard Size and Fitted Mesh as well.

I have changed Furi-sode Part (sleeve) and also changed more bigger Obi (Belt). 

There is also DEMO. Please try on DEMO, before buying!!

MENS Yukata is also available at TCF. Please check it up!

✿Participating Designer List
{amiable}    ionic  ::C'est la vie !::     [BREATHE]       
unKindness        Sweet Lies Designs       Le Poppycock       
pr!tty     [theSkinnery]      Luas       Air       MINIMAL    [ zerkalo ]      
Lybra      DUE    etham       N-Uno    Garbaggio      
CHEZ MOI FURNITURES      #Foxy       ChicChica       sYs     
Ricielli      montony       Storybook     Glam Affair         
Love    Lovespun       ***Ambrosia***       [[Ascend]] 
lagyo      Valentina E.    Pink Acid      Flecha Creations        
NuDoLu        Belle Epoque    Pewpew!       7Style      
fame femme        Glamrus        [ keke ]    EMPIRE     EVANI      
AZOURY     Cosmic Dust       imbue        American Beauty        
Sari-Sari        mignon.    Bleich    ninety    offbeat        .random.Matter.   
::una::      DRD    Schultz Bros.      mons                   
Benjaminz     Blues      LODE    skbio        Artisan Fantasy    
Pumec    Moon Elixir      deetalez        -RINKA-    KITJA    
-RINKA-       Faida    Astralia      KAZZA    Bee Designs     
EMPIRE    *(OO)*YUKI       Kalopsia