{amiable}Girly Frill One-piece Swimsuit&Bikini Set@ the Kawaii Project(50%OFF SALE).

By | 6/16/2016

{amiable}Girly Frill One-piece Swimsuit&Bikini Set
{amiable}Girly Frill One-piece Swimsuit&Bikini Set

These are {amiable} new Swim suite2016 Collection at the Kawaii Project!!
There are 2 version included (One-piece and Bikini ver).

This round theme is "SUMMER"!! I hope you enjoy new round.
Of course, these swim suits are reduced by 50%OFF.

Fitted Mesh and Standard Size(XXS-L). Please try on DEMO!!

♥Event Date: The Kawaii Project - Round 18 - June 15 - July 10.

The Kawaii Project is a monthly event focused around all things kawaii! 
The word kawaii means cute in Japanese! It can also be used to describe something that is lovable or adorable. 
The Kawaii Project was created to bring designers from all areas of Second Life together to create their unique take on the word kawaii. 

Each round our designers are given a "Project Challenge". Each project challenge is made to push the creativity levels of our designers, opening doors to areas you wouldn't normally think of  when you hear or read the word kawaii. 
We have made it our goal to make The Kawaii Project a unique and exciting shopping experience for everyone. Our designers have been hand picked by our dedicated team, for their commitment in providing high quality products that are sure to make all your kawaii dreams come true! Join us during each exciting round to shop and experience 30 of the grids best as they bring you their creative take on all things kawaii!

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✿Participating Designer's List
Aii  Altair  Angelica  Amiable  Atomic  Cila  Cubic Cherry Kreations
  DarkendStare  Doe  Due  Empire  Evermore
Imeka  Kio-Kio  Lcky  Nomi  Olive  Pink Acid  Quirky
Sallie  Schadenfreude  SilentSparrow  S0NG  Sue Cream
Sweet Thing  The Sugar Garden  The White Crow  VinCue
Violent Seduction

The Kawaii Project
The Kawaii Project