{amiable}Nordic Over-sized Sweater with Lace Skirt @N°21 (50%OFF SALE).

By | 12/24/2015

Hi, thank you so much for visiting {amiable} blog. I appreciate it.

A few days ago, the N21 event December round was opened!!


N°21 Is hosted by the owners of REIGN. N°21 Will begin on the 21st of each month and run for exactly 21 days. There will never be a theme for N°21.  The sky is the limit.  

Hair, shoes, clothes, furniture, body modifications, etc are all welcome to you!!
Every designer have made hight quality and unique new items with a creative passion.

**Some round, N°21 hosts our Exclusive round, For this round some Designer will be making an item (pattern, color pack, special limited version) for their exclusive. This item will never again be sold the same way as it appears in the exclusive round of the event.**

You can enjoy this luxury and special shopping at the N°21. There are more info.


I am participating in this round. I have sold new item''{amiable}Nordic Over-sized Sweater with Lace Skirt''.

This dress has sweater and skirt differently, so you can use only sweater as well.
Of course you can wear both!!

This round has Gacha booth specially, because of Christmas!!!

You can send your gacha prize for your partner or family.
I hope you enjoy it!

These dresses are 50%OFF SAEL at the N21. Please don't miss it!!
(EVENT DATE:12.21 to 1. 10. 2016]


N°21 DECEMBER Brand Line Up

Little Bones  Moon  BESOM
Amiable  Atomic  Etham  Fashionably Dead  Stories
Valentina E.  Apple May  Milk Motion  Blueberry
●Home And Garden-
Floorplan/Paper Arrow -Both  Cheeky Pea  DustBunny
Reckless  Nova
●-GACHA SPACE- (This is special only this round!!)
VinCue  MONS  Tarte   Kodo  Sweet Thing  Fawny  Doe

Next year, I am going to be the regular designer at N21!! Thank you so much for your all support
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