{amiable}Long Knit Bow Sweater with Skirt @the CCB(50%OFF SALE).

By | 11/22/2015

Hi, sweet girl!! Thank you so much for visiting {amiable} blog.
I am glad you read it.

Today, the ''Creators Collection Box'' was opened!!
The Creator Collection Box that is called ''CCB''.

●What is the CCB?
This event is four times a year and has almost all brands are from Japan.
This amazing event is discount event, so you can see and get the new items from all brands at CCB with at least 20% to 50%OFF!!!!!

How nice!!! There are really nice and unique items!!
If you are interested in it, please visit there and enjoy!!!!

This ''Long Knit Bow Sweater with Skirt'' is {amiable} new item!!
This dress can be used sweater and skirt separately.

There are 6 different colors.
They are 50% SALE at only the CCB. Please don't miss it!!

(EVENT DATE: 11.21 - 12.12.2015)

Caution: this dress has long sleeves, when you are wearing it, the hands are transparent.
Please try on DEMO before purchasing.

The Creators Collection Box

●The store List
{amiable}, Aphrodite, 6 O'clock, addme.  Air, ***Ambrosia***,
ASO!, BALACLAVA!!, bitter vanilla, BOILDEGG, Breath, HILU
Candy Nail, c*C*c, ::C'est la vie!::, DownDownDown, GABRIEL
HAYSURIZA, +HONEY+, {iD} ,  ::hsh::, [i HOME], kokorotayori
KiiKO, KOPI, Kyoko Couture, LikeA, Monkey Banana
Namine Guitar,  [[RH]] Design House, S@BBiA, Salon de  GLOW