{amiable} Let Me Have a Taste Gacha @ the Gacha Garden (Special Price).

By | 11/05/2015

Hi, sweet. What's up?? Thank you so much for visiting my {amiable}blog.
I appreciate it.

First of this month, the Gacha Garden Second round was opened.
There are really unique gachas at the event.

I have sold new Gacha items that is ''{amiable} Let Me Have a Taste Gacha''.
Please visit there and try on DEMO.

Only the event time, the price 1 PLAY is only 50L$.
After the event, it will be 65L$ per play. Please don't miss it!!

 ▶(EVENT DATE: November 1 - November 30).

▶(There are 17 commons and 3 RARE.)
Some of the item object has Hold Version and REZ Version.

If you don't own the land, no worries<3 You can use everything from this gacha.

There is also Special prize that is called ''SOI''.

▶What is SOI????

SOI is the ''Seed of Inspiration'' (that is new gacha system).

If you play 20 times for each gacha at the gacha garden,
You can get the SOI special exclusive item from each gacha.
It will never be sold in the future after the event. (Limited).

There are more information.


The Gacha Garden