{amiable}Yum Yum My Cafe Gacha Special Price@ the Gacha Garden.

By | 8/03/2015

Hi, everyone. Thank you so much for reading my shop blog in SL.
Yesterday, finally '' The Gacha Garden'' was opened 1st round.

This new gacha event is really different from others.

What is different between ''the Gacha Garden'' and others?

There is the special gift that is called SOI (Seed of Inspiration).

If you play 20 times each gacha at the event, you can definitely get the SOI exclusive gift.Each gacha has SOI gift, there are two different AD on the gacha.

One is SOI, anther is normal Gacha AD. 
You can make sure what you can get from gacha.

This system is really nice!! Please check it up at the Gacha Garden.

Next is the owner has developed new script in the gacha machine, 
so the script can be sent the info about items.

For example, if you play gacha, we must know who play it and what you get.

That means if you can't accept items because of heavy SIM, 
but you can easily ask the designers.

I think it's really useful for designer and customer too.

If you are interred in it, please visit and enjoy the amazing new gacha event!!

This is my new gacha @''the gacha garden''.

{amiable}Yum Yum My Cafe Gacha
{amiable}Yum Yum My Cafe Gacha

This is {amiable}Yum Yum My Cafe Gacha.
Normally the price 1PLAY is 65L$, 
but during the event the price is 50L$ per playPlease don't miss it!! 

(EVENT DATE : 8,1 - 8, 22, 2015).

The food items has REZ version and HOLD version as well, 

so you don't have land, no worries!! You can use HOLD ver as well.

After the event, it will be sold at {amiable}main store.
Please check it up!!

This is also {amiable}SOI items (Please play 20 times).

This is exclusive items, so it will never be sold after the event.

{amiable}Yum Yum My Cafe Gacha(SOI)
{amiable}Yum Yum My Cafe Gacha(SOI)

It has Texture Change HUD. You can choose what  you want from 5 patterns.

I hope you like my new gacha!! Enjoy!!

the Gacha Garden
the Gacha Garden