{amiable}Summer Japanese Yukata02(2015) @the OKINAWA Festival(50%OFF).

By | 8/02/2015

Hi, everyone. What's up? I am pretty good.

I have made Yukata in this summer, but many people have bought my first Yukata, so
I have sold new patterns at the Okinawa Festival.

These are reduced the price by 50%OFF at the Okinawa Festival 2015.
Please don't miss it. There is also Photo contest and {amiable}award.

If you are interested in it, please join the photo contest with my yakuta.
I hope you like new yakuza.

(Event Date; 17th of July to 22nd of August.)

Please don't miss it. There is also DEMO. Please try on DEMO before purchase.
Enjoy your wonderful Japanese Summer at Okinawa Festival 2015.

After the event, it will be sold at {amiable}main store.
Please check it up!!

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