{amiable}1700 member's Thanks Group Gift Sweater@Main Store.


Hi, everyone. Thank you so much for being part of my group {amiable}.

I am really glad to have this opportunity to meet all of you in SL.

Yesterday, I have put the new group gift to you, because of 1700 members!!

OMG!!! I got excited about that. Thank you so much for all of you.

{amiable}1700 member's Thanks Group Gift Sweater
{amiable}1700 member's Thanks Group Gift Sweater

If you are not in the group, no problem!!! Please feel free to visit my main store and join us.

We are always welcome to you and waiting for you.

This "{amiable} 1700 member's Thanks Group Gift Sweater" has texture change HUD.

You can choose the color from 5 colors.

This is really useful for autumn and winter, so I have made this to you.

I also remodeled new building at the main store for Autumn.

Please makes yourself comfortable at home.

{amiable}Main store
{amiable}Main Store in September 2015

I hope you like it. Thank you so much for all of your support.
I am grateful it!!! Enjoy new gift and wonderful weekend.

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