{amiable}Shoes with collar Socks 50%OFF SALE@the CCB.

By | 5/02/2015

Hi, everyone. How are you?

So sorry for blogging about CCB second round.

I am participating in the Creators Collection Box again.
This is the second time for participating in.

What is the Creators Collection Box (CCB)?
This is the Japanese discount event in Second life, so you can get the new items at least 20%-50%OFF at the only event.

Please don't miss it!! There are amazing Asian items. I hope you like it<3

These shoes are {amiable} new items at the CCB.
It is reduced by 50%OFF. Please visit there and check it up!!

This is the {amiable}Shoes with collar Socks.
These shoes are Non-Rigged Mesh. It has resizer script. 
You can change the size easily with touching.

Next is long version socks shoes.

These long shocks shoes are Rigged Mesh, so it has XXS-L size (5 size) included.
Please try on DEMO before buying.

(Event: until 5, 16 2015 in SL time) http://www.sl-ccb.com

The Creator Collection Box