{amiable}Sailor Blouse&Midi Skirt Setup Dress@Xiasumi(50%OFF SALE).

By | 4/06/2015

Hi, everyone. This is the second time to introduce my Xiasumi School Festival items.

These sailor Blouse&Midi Skirt are my another items for spring round.
Please visit to the Xiasumi and try on DEMO before buying.

These items are reduced by 50%OFF at the only event (Event date: 3 April 2015 - 21 April 2015.)

My theme is ART, please visit to the ART Club.

The entrance at the ART, I decorated most of the decoration. If you like the ART AREA.
Please vote and donate to the mail box (Post) at the ART Area.

Your donation goes to the Japanese earth quack victims.

I hope you like it!!

The Xiasumi School Festival