{amiable }Dream Pleated One-Piece Coat (50%OFF SALE) at ONE WORD.

By | 1/02/2015

{amiable }Dream Pleated One-Piece Coat
{amiable }Dream Pleated One-Piece Coat

Hi, every one!! Happy New Year!!

First of all, I would like to say thank you to you.
It is because the member is more than 1000 members now.

I got excited about it!! I really appreciate it!! Thank you so much, so
I am going new gift to you next month like thank's Gift.
Please look forward to getting it!!

Then, today I have sold new coats at the ONE WORD.
is ''Dream Pleated One-Piece Coat''.

This event is bimonthly event and it has theme.
This round's theme is ''DREAM". I made cute coats for the event.

These coats are reduced by 50%OFF only at the ONE WORD.
Please don't miss it!! (From today to 15th of January.)


After the event, it will be sold at {amiable}main store.
Please check it up!!

I hope you have a wonderful year!!
Best regards,  nodoka Vella.