{amiable}Simple Logo Trainer & Stripe knee-length Skirt at the Xiasumi School Festival (50%OFF SALE)

By | 11/05/2014

Hi, this is nodoka Vella.

Yesterday, finally the Xiasumi School Festival was opened.

I have sold the new items at the event. Of course only the event, new items are reduced
price by 50%OFF. Please don't miss it!!!!!(From today to 30th of Nov).

''{amiable}Simple Logo Trainer'' and ''{amiable}Stripe knee-length Skirt''.

I have also sold the other items. Next time, I will introduce the others.
New items at the event are not charity items.You can get the Japanese custom items all over the event.

If you missed the past my blog, please go back to the past news.
You can get other items info at the Xiasumi School Festival.

This Event is charity event.

This event is charity event in order to save the Japanese earth quack victims.
You can donate to them.

If you donate to the email box, you must vote which area at the XSF you like.
My theme is SPORT.

■You can check the every each items here→HP

If you are interested in it, please visit to HP. You can get more info.

Please enjoy your shopping♡ I hope you like it!!!!